Zombie Hell 2 Apk v 1.0 (Mod Money) 2018

Zombie Hell 2 Apk v 1.0 (Mod Money) 2018

Zombie Hell 2  Apk – continuation of the shooter, shooting gallery in which gamers will be engaged in the extermination of many cadavers in the middle of an abandoned and ruined cities. A variety of weapons and gadgets to help cope with the hordes of zombies and stay not bitten. The gloomy atmosphere of hopelessness, dismal ruins, loneliness and hideous creatures attacks exacerbate the nerves to the limit and make you look around at every rustle, catching sight in the next walking dead.


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Zombie Hell 2 Apk v 1.0  – extends the story of the last generation of zombie survival and encourages players to slaughter & massacre herd of zombies in deserted cities to save the world from extinction. The apocalypse is upon us, the downfall of the earth is imminent as the living dead has swarmed the world.

Take your weapon and use your Zombie Hell 2 Apk v 1.0 (Mod Money) skills to butcher and massacre as many walker zombies as you can on the deserted streets, warehouses, subways and plants of the apocalyptic city. With dazzling arsenal of incredible weapons and equipment to upgrade you will make good use of them to massacre all the walking dead!


ZOMBIE SURVIVAL: on an intense and incredible battlefield swarmed by the living dead!!!
SLAUGHTER THE ZOMBIE MENACE: with dazzling 3D scenes and stunning special effects!!!
SWARMED BY ZOMBIES: intense thrills and spills in the fight in the apocalypse!!!
BUTHCER THE WALKERS: with a well-designed weapon system and substantial items!!!
ZOMBIE HERD: fight against dozens of zombie strains!!!
FIGHT AGAINST EXTINCTION: while listening to cinematic music and great sound effects!!!
USE YOUR BRAIN: while solving diverse puzzles and challenges!!!
GREAT PLAYABILITY: and durability will make sure that zombie massacre will not get boring!!!
Download Zombie Hell II, an intense zombie survival FPS game with stunning graphics and dazzling weapons
Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices
Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions at luandungames@gmail.com
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Zombie-Hell-2 of Full-V1-0.apk [38.37 Mb]
Download Mod
Zombie-Hell-2-V1-0 the Mod.apk [38,38 Mb]

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