Worms 3 Apk – Android Games 2018

Worms 3 Apk – Android Games 2018

Worms 3 Apk is the latest installment of the Worms games.The game features many new stuff, but we will talk about that later on this post.The Android version of Worms became popular after the release of Smartphones and the release of the inital Worms for PC.Everybody loves shooting, slashing, clubbing and beating a worm.The human nature especially loves violence, we born violent and well, lets say die violent but not always.


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Worms 3 Apk is played by thousands of gamers around the world.It is so popular that you can get it only for free.Not anymore, our clever team of people made a modded version of Worms 3 Apk so that everyone can play it for free.Worms 3 Apk is a mix of strategy, arcade, shooter game.These 3 elements are combined with the best availible graphics engine that could possibly exist, so that it brings the  best availible experience to the gamer.



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I remember, I was so excited when I first played Worms on my PC.It was like the mother of all shooter/arcade games.With the progress of technology,now you can play Worms on your Android phones to.Worms 3 is the most played game of the year 2014 and will be the most played game of 2015 to.Many players are joining  the “worm wars”.The game works perfectly on any Android device, be it phone or tablet.

Features of the game includes:

-4 game modes

-5 locations

-27 missions

-play together with your friends(multiplayer)

-a leaderboard so that you can check your scores

I hope that you won’t pass this amazing opportunity to get Worms 3 Apk for free.You won’t have to pay for this amazing game.This amazing game has won the heart of many players.Be the next player whose heart is won by Worms 3.Our website will provide you with the latest updates of the game so don’t forget to check it from time to time.New updates and apks comming soon, until then here is the download link.

Check out this link below for Worms 3 Apk Download

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