Tomb of the Mask Apk v 1.0 (Mod Money) 2018

Tomb of the Mask Apk v 1.0 (Mod Money) 2018

Tomb of the Mask Apk – a fascinating adventure game interspersed with puzzles created in the old school style. Gamers controlling brave seekers of treasures and ancient artifacts will visit various ruins, labyrinths, temples and other objects of gold and full of deadly traps. A character must constantly move around and use different power-ups to avoid the rising water.

Tomb of the Mask 3

Tomb of the Mask 1

Tomb of the Mask 2


Explore the mystic Tomb of the Mask Apk v 1.0! ! !
There are 16 different characters starting an exploring journey together for the same purpose! ! !
How many secrets are there under the dark ground?
Explore the unknown world under the ground! ! !
Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !
What are waiting for them? Numerous treasures or death?
Write your own legend! ! !
Tomb of the Mask Apk v 1.0  (Mod Money) – is a running game. 16 people with different characteristics start an exploring journey, in order to find the lost culture. Run around different scenarios and gather all the coins you can.


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Tomb-of-the-Mask-v1-0-Full-.apk [35,17 Mb] 

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Tomb-of-the-Mask-v1-0-Mod-.apk [49,79 Mb]