Smart Free Net Using HotSpot Shield VPN 2018

Smart Free Net Using HotSpot Shield VPN 2018

Here are the Main Procedures to use Smart Free Net Using HotSpot Shield VPN

Requirements: Phone must be rooted and you must have root explorer

1) Go to Data/Data/ and find folder of your HotSpot Shield VPN.

2) Go to lib. Files and delete all .SO files then replace it with the file I provided below.

Direct Download HotSpotShield Lib Files

3 ) After you replaced them all. Exit then go to Explorer then Settings,
then Clear data of your HotSpot Shield VPN.

4) Open your HotSpot Shield VPN and Start to Connect and Surf the Net as long as you want.

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hotspotvpn3 hotspotvpn2 hotspotvpn1

Download Smart Free Net Using HotSpot Shield VPN



* Take Note that your Phone must be rooted.

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