FoxOne Special Missions Free

FoxOne Special Missions Free

FoxOne Special Missions Free

Android 4.1 and up +

Product Description

FoxOne Special Missions Free APK MOD

FoxOne Special Missions Free NEW FEATURES:

  1. New and extremely careful sceneries, like the Pottstown town with terribly tall skyscrapers
  2. New Airplanes: F-35A Lightning II, A-10 Thunderbolt II, among eight new and varied airplanes
  3. New paint schemes (“skins”) for existing craft
  4. Graphics settings button (low, med, high)
  5. Free Flight Mode with ten more and tougher stages, to observe your flight skills while not being attacked
  6. Two Survival Stages with more and tougher attack waves with dynamically randomized enemies (fighters, bombers, helicopters), dynamical every time you replay it.
  7. Surgical strikes in urban areas – destroy offensive tanks within the town streets victimization high exactitude weapons
  8. New threats, like the SA-9 body part Mobile Anti-Aircraft Missile System
  9. New targets like measuring instrument stations and enemy flattop
  10. Improved visuals and performance
  11. Original options of the previous FoxOne games that area unit maintained during this new release:
  12. F-15 Strike Eagle, Mirage 2000, F-22 bird, and lots of different exciting fighter jets, during a total of twenty-five models from around the world.
  13. Each craft has its own distinctive and Authentic trying 3D Cockpit.
  14. Incredibly little file size (<100MB) while still providing HD Graphics Quality.
  15. An unparalleled sense of speed: Feel the joys of blasting through the skies in twenty five completely different supersonic jets, supported real craft models, every one having its own distinctive place and use within the game.
  16. Easy to choose up controls: in contrast to different action flight sims, FoxOne has an especially intuitive and responsive management layout, that permits you to concentrate on the battle, rather than making an attempt to remain mobile.
  17. A big selection of various weapons to equip your jet awaits you. These embrace intrinsic cannons, target-hunting air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bombs and unguided rockets.
  18. Fly through fifteen more and more difficult and varied missions (non-linear) settled in several components of the globe.
  19. No WLAN association needed, play offline, anytime and anyplace you would like.
  20. Destroy reactors and bases hidden deep within canyons and underground installations.
  21. Protect allied facilities, or defend entire cities from enemy bombers.
  22. Gritty and visceral: No cartoony visuals and silly characters, this is often the $64000 deal.


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