Bloody Blade – Free Soul

Bloody Blade - Free Soul

Bloody Blade – Free Soul

Swordman Fighting Games
Android 2.3 and up +

Product Description

Bloody Blade Free Soul APK MOD

Bloody Blade Free Soul Blades of Brim NEW FEATURES:

  1. Slayers and ninja use Bloody Blades and swords with shadow, fight for freedom, and soul. brand fighting is yours, you’re a fighter!
  2. At this action game of shadow, somebody will develop your character. Ninja warriors are often improved: your stats and equip deadly weapons, rare armors, powerful spells.
  3. Undead are dead, someone is the winner and you may be the most effective player! Hero continually win!
  4. This is an addictive game, it’ therefore glorious, therefore colorful and that we cannot wait to play!
  5. You’ll improve equip deadly weapons, sword, rare armors and powerful spells.
  6. Character development simply, you’re a grand master.
  7. Role taking part in expertise, several action-packed fighting missions.
  8. terribly superb skills: running, walking, jump and strike modes, you may am fond of it.
  9. visual and sounds effects area unit nice.
  10. Blades and swords area unit terribly nice, smooth, addictive and extremely straightforward to play.
  11. 3D Medieval themed surroundings and character.
  12. Medieval legends, realistic physics and fighting animation.


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