Blades of Brim

SYBO Games
Android 4.0.3 and up +

Product Description

Blades of Brim APK MOD

Blades of Brim NEW FEATURES:

  2. Spot Elemental Goons in Portals.
  3. WEAPON skills
  4. More Weapon skills to all or any existing Weapons. Is that one your favorite?
  5. SCORE BONUS number
  6. Multiply your Score Bonus by doing band hits. Combo-chains were solely giving a static Score Bonus antecedently.
    Score Bonus is currently rewarded supported sort AND rarity for Weapons, Armor items, and Pets.
    Adjusted the Score Bonus gain from player level.The creators of Subway Surfers gift Blades of Brim!
  7. Join forces with the heroes of Brim to save lots of the planet from the incursive army of Goons!
    Step into an associate epic and entrancing universe wherever magic and mayhem awaits!
  8. Battle – Hordes of hideous enemies!
  9. Level up – Complete epic quests!
  10. Heroes – Unlock legendary heroes!
  11. Weapons – Powerful and upgradeable weapons!
  12. Armor – Boost skills and appearance!
  13. Pets – Elemental wolves, horses, and dragons!
  14. Quick paced – Hit-combos and wall-running!
  15. Portals – Ancient gateways into sorcerous worlds!


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