Pokemon Go Tips Apk (Hot to Get Rare Pokemon and Rings) 2018

Pokemon Go Tips Apk (Hot to Get Rare Pokemon and Rings) 2018

Pokemon Go Tips Apk  –   First and foremost, walk a lot. Pokémon GO is all about walking a lot  . For instance, water Pokémon only show up near water bodies, such as rivers and lakes. Some Pokémon Go Plus only show up at night, like Clefairy and Gastly.


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So you’ve started playing Pokémon GO, like seemingly everyone and their mother, but you need to be the very best there ever was. To do that, you’ll need to catch Pokémon that are rarer than the rest. Catching rare Pokemon can’t be easy, of course: they’re called rare for a reason. But you can still get a leg up if you read this guide and hope you have a bit of luck on your side.

Master your capture skills

When you see rustling leaves, it means there is wild Pokemon near you. Once you see it, tap Poke Ball so your camera phone will launch into AR or augmented reality which you catch Pokemon with real landmark as a background. Focus the camera on your target, and you will see the white ring surrounding Pokemon will change the colors and size. The smaller the ring, the bigger the chance for you to catch Pokemon. Remember green ring means it is easy to catch Pokemon, the yellow ring means it is a little harder to catch Pokemon but you may have a chance, and red ring means it is very hard to catch Pokemon unless you have more Poke Ball or upgrade the power of Poke Ball. To increase your catch rates, it is better if you shut down the AR camera.

Poke Stop is your local landmark as special location to get random prize. You may get Eggs to hatch new Pokemon, Poke Ball to catch Pokemon, Potions or Revives to heal your Pokemon when they combat. Visit Poke Stop as many as you can, every day is recommended. Once you near Poke Stop, tap the blue icon, swipe the icon to make it spin. Then you will see all randomized goodie prizes you can get.



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