Pokemon Go Tips Apk (How to Get Pokecoins) 2018

Pokemon Go Tips Apk (How to Get Pokecoins) 2018

Pokemon Go Tips Apk  –  However, some players had a big discovery in how to obtain PokeCoins without spending a single penny. In other words, “Pokemon Go” players need not spend their hard-earned money to become be the very best.


Pokemon coins


pokemon go plus

When players station their Pokemon Go on friendly Gym that is held by their team, the player can earn PokeCoins. The player can train their Pokemon Go Plus on the friendly Gym and increase it prestige and earn a spot at the Gym to leave a player’s Pokemon there.
Another way is to earn PokeCoins in “Pokemon Go” for free is to battle it out with other Pokemons defending a rival Gym. Defeating the Gym owner would let the player claim the other team’s Gym as his or her own.

After that, the winner could place a Pokemon there to defend it. A “Pokemon Go” player can earn 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust when a player places a Pokemon on a rival team’s Gym.


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