Pokemon Go New Zealand + Australia Field Testing 2018

Pokemon Go New Zealand + Australia Field Testing 2018

Yesterday in Pokemon Go news, the upcoming mobile game, Pokemon Go Beta, is now open for field testing in Australia and New Zealand. These are the first western countries able to play the beta and contribute to its future by leaving feedback to the Inc.

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Players Interested are able to sign up to be included in beta testing at Niantic’s website. For eligibility, applicants must currently be residents in Australia or New Zealand and own an android or Iphone. Developers warn that not all devices support playabilty at this time.

Beta testers are said to be chosen “based on a variety of factors which may include OS-types, experience in real world games and an element of luck”.

Applicants are asked to adhere to a confidentiality agreement when using this field-testing beta version of the app, as creators of the app want to maintain a sense of surprise for the time the game launches to general public.

A month ago field testing began in Japan, followed by Niantic Sharing some Pokemon Go details, and an information leak at SXSW. The fact that it only took a month to reach Australia and New Zealand means that things are moving along quickly, and we can expect more updates soon. Pokemon Go is going to support in-app purchase and its release will come eventually on Android and IOS.