Pokemon GO Guide Apk 2018

Pokemon GO Guide Apk 2018

Pokemon GO Guide Apk: Finding, Evolving, Incubating, and Hatching Pokemon

While the goal in Pokémon Go games is catching all the Pokémon and being ‘the very best, like no one ever was,’ finding, evolving and hatching Pokémon are very much a thing. In Pokémon GO, you’ll have the option to do all three.

You will not be able to turn on Pokémon GO Plus and tell yourself “Today I’m catching a Psyduck,” especially if you live in a desert. In Pokémon GO, Pokémon are found depending on which habitat you personally live in and chance.

If you live near a beach, you’ll find water-type Pokémon. If you live in a volcano, you’ll probably find fire-types. However, there is a way to see the Pokémon in your area and how far away they are.

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Pokemon Go

In the lower right hand portion of your game screen, you’ll see three Pokémon – some will be greyed out and other will not. If you’ve caught the Pokémon before, they will appear in color, if you haven’t they will be a grey sillhouette.
Clicking on that small box will open up a bigger box that will show you more Pokémon. Each of these Pokémon are in your area, how close they are depends on the little feet below them. The more feet, the further away – the less feet, the closer.
Every time you catch a Pokémon you will receive a special Candy tied to the specific species of Pokémon. In the image above, you’ll see that this particular Eevee has six Eevee Candy pieces and requires 25 candies to evolve.

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