Pokémon Go Is Evolving the App Store Into a Money Monster 2018

Pokémon Go Is Evolving the App Store Into a Money Monster 2018

 Pokémon Go Apk  – Pocket Monster And that’s just  Pokémon Go Apk. The number two app in the App Store’s paid app category is Go Gear, which purports to show people where to find nearby  Pokémon Go Apk are. ( Pokémon Go Apk creator Niantic disabled such maps with the latest update, though some developers have found workarounds). Similar apps litter the top 100. Paid apps represent just 3 to 4 percent of App Store revenue, says Pierre-Nicolas. But the pocket monsters are a pocket industry.

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Pokemon Go;

Pokemon Go

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The game achieved this without taking business from other apps. App Annie’s analysis found that  Pokémon Go Apk simply added more revenue to the pool. And that’s shown the potential for games built with a similar strategy.

In less than a month, in fewer than half of the regions the App Store serves,  Pokémon Go Apk in-app purchases have generated more than $120 million in revenue, according to analysis firm App Annie. The average daily use last weekend alone was nearly 30 minutes, according to SensorTower. Imagine how big that figure might be if the game’s servers could stay up all day.

“It’s an amazing first month,” says App Annie executive Fabien Pierre-Nicolas, who notes that one in four people who downloaded  Pokémon Go Apk in Japan play daily. Last weekend, it passed 100 million downloads.


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