Pokemon Go Attempts Cracked Apkqueen x Blazing Fire 2018

Pokemon Go Attempts Cracked Apkqueen x Blazing Fire 2018

Apkqueen & Blazing Fire were attempting to crack the most controversial Pokemon Go Apk file that can be downloaded on Mediafire uploaded originally by Apkqueen last few daysOn the Youtube video produced by TheBeastPokeBaller that was viewed 6,000 plus and counting along with the video from Titansword Digital Marketing Philippines who got on top of Youtube Search tab on the keywords Pokemon Go Apk and Pokemon Go Android the said team-up was aimed to make the Pokemon Go Apk File to be played even if you’re not in Japan. The first thing they did was to use the VPN and Fake GPS.

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Pokemon GO Apk

So what happened is this, Apkqeen and Blazing Fire were able to get access on the Pokemon Go Android Game Japan field test by using a VPN or what they called virtual private network. Along with that is they use a Fake GPS so that they can be able to access on the game as if like they were located in Japan. That awesome idea leads to a lot of interest on pokemon go gamers to do what they did to bypass the game and play it as if like they were really in Japan. To know more about that trick on how to use VPN and Fake GPS, just CLICK HERE.


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Apkqueen and Blazingfire are merely crackers that wants to make the game be enjoyed by all people around the world who patiently waited the release of Pokemon Go, but sad to say it was first field tested on Japan. Hopefully Many Pokemon Go Gamers are willing to see the game on top of their hands. We are challenging Pokemon Company inc and Niantic Labs to make the release of the Pokemon Go Game to be Fully downloaded on Google Play and Appstore so that Android and iOs user can enjoy the game.


If you are already registered to Niantic Labs Ingress, check your inbox then Click Link Below to Download the Pokemon Go Android Installer if you are Outside Japan

DOWNLOAD Pokemon Go Android Beta Japan Field Test Originally uploaded by Apkqueen

Size:47.97 MB

Take note that Niantic Labs was able to make it works on random android and iPhone users within Japan only. If you are not in Japan it will not work for sure other used VPN or virtual private network but still it was in a random basis. Anyways if it doesn’t work as wises said Patience is Virtue, let’s just wait then.

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