Pokemon GO Beta Real Time Battle Updates 2018

Pokemon GO Beta Real Time Battle Updates 2018

A Pokemon Go Beta Android tester is going out of his way to break the NDA agreement to point out major problems in Pokemon GO Android Beta Real Time Battle. How it’s looking it might be several months of beta testing with Pokemon GO or a half a year at the most. Seems like Pokemon GO release is looking towards end of the year or possible set back to 2017. Who knows but let’s keep positive. With the recent pokemon go version 0.19.1 was released on April 20th, with the other one 13.5 was on April 24th. Here is major differences in 4 days of the recent updates. We have Apk Strings amd Niantic is putting effort to make battling more unique and depth.

Pokemon go beta android battle

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Here are the Pokemon Moves in Code.

Pokemon go beta battle 2


Now here is the recent changes on the Pokemon GO Beta Game Battle Scene.

Pokemon Go Combat

  • Quickstart option added in the setting’s.
  • pokemon have been added with of battle attacked & defend but nothing shows in the game to relate to it.
  • Added tutorial slideshow in the settings
  • Battery saver additions added in settings
  • 0.17.1 the pokemon go beta could kill any modern phone battery within 2-3 hours stated by the beta tester
  • Notification similar to ingress when you deploy a pokemon and won’t access it until it is fained.
  • There is a code of “recalling” pokemon but it is not active
  • Pokemon hit boxes have be re-sized for area of landing pokeballs on pokemon
  • Now trainer levels require 30% more XP.
  • Battles have been the main focus of recent updates
  • A button on screen(right) to tap and quickly sub in different member of your 6 attacking pokemon
  • Battles are much “Tighter”, move animations don’t lag behind the damage. It’s starting to feel less beta like
  • Health bars now float and follow the defender as they jump/move
  • Red targets on your pokemon show incoming damage are “fade away” as you dodge attacks.
  • Energy bar being blue instead of pink, flee button is larger and countdown battle timer is larger, moved to left of screen.

Few Questions to be answered on Pokemon GO.

  1. There is no 6 pokemon you carry with you, access to all your pokemon at all times. Not like gameboy/anime.
  2. Can’t interact with Pokemon deployed at gyms.
  3. When attacking a enemy gym, select a combination of 6 pokemon you would like to attack with & select any 6 of your choice of the pokemon you chosen.
  4. Around 500 pokestop visits, the Pokemon Trainer has looted grand total of 5 revives in the beta(a estimate how rare revives are)
  5. Letting Pokemon faint should be avoided at all cost, they’re gone. No Pokecenters at the moment.
  6. Pokemon have to be full health to be deployed, but neither full health to attack or released.
  7. XP credit and gym prestige if you team loses, providing you defeated one pokemon.
  8. Once you max your pokedex 100+ hours, there will be catching and releasing weaker pokemon. You can choose to catch & release on sight.
  9. You can send off 6 weak pokemon you don’t want, throw it at enemy gym as cannon fodder to weaken the gym obtaing some XP.
  10. You can release almost fainted weak pokemon so you can not waste revives/potions. Kinda sinister but how bad are you willing to win?
  11. There is no confirmed PvP as for yet, not even pokemon trainer interaction such as chat, battling or trading.
  12. Here is the reddit link for more information regarding the Pokemon GO updates.

lick Link Below to Download the Pokemon Go Apk Installer

DOWNLOAD Pokemon Go Beta

Download Pokemon Go [ Mediafire ]

Size:47.97 MB

Take note, Niantics Lab was able to make it works on random android and iphone users within Japan only. If you are not in Japan it will not work for sure other used VPN or virtual private network but still it was random.

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