Pokemon Go Android Apk File 2018

Pokemon Go Android Apk File 2018

We’re thrilled to provide a peek into the Android Pokemon GO Apk Game. The much awaited event is now here. Pokemon Go Apk Offline Installer will be available for Android and iOs devices along with the 20th anniversary of Pokemon Company, while we are waiting for the Pokemon GO Beta Apk Game for Android and iOs, we prepared Pokemon XD gale of Darkness Apk, game that you can play on your PC, Android Devices and to your Tablets. To know more about the game you can visit Pokemon Wikia

Pokemon Go Latest Update:

The beta has begun in Japan today March 29, 2016, only a few of those who signed up have been selected manually by Niantic, to those who have sent a mail that allows them to access the application from the Play Store  App Store.

If you are indeed on Japan, you can play it as well by signing uo on Niantic labs Website and wait to get approved, Pokemon Co, Niantic Labs and Gamefreak company just randomly chose those who can play the Pokemon Go Android Beta iOs Game. You are lucky if you can play it using VPN Japan Location but I think there will be no available Pokemon yet since it was only tested on Japan

Click Link Below to Download the Pokemon Go Apk Installer

DOWNLOAD Pokemon Go Japan Beta

Size:47.97 MB

Take note, Niantics Lab was able to make it works on random android and iphone users within Japan only. If you are not in Japan it will not work for sure other used VPN or virtual private network but still it was randomly chosen by Niantic Labs and Gamefreak company owns by Pokemon Inc.


Pokemon Go AndroidPokemon Go Android

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It has been confirmed that there will be no battles with Pokemon wild: only will have to aim the Poke Ball with touch screen and launch it to catch the Pokemon.
There are different options of customization of coach.

Niantic is by banning users that share information of the game on the internet, which have begun to upload screenshots blurred or removed the user information.
Analyzing the game files, found the names of different attacks, including flamethrowers, hyper, among others, so it seems that yes there will be some kind of battles in the game.
Players do not receive any initial Pokemon (in the beta, it seems that in the final version Yes).

Pokemon Go JapanPokemon Go Japan 

Pokemon GO represents the next generation of Catching Pokemon on the real map of the world.

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