Pokemon GO v0.21.1 New Gameplay Update 2018

Pokemon GO v0.21.1 New Gameplay Update 2018

The Pokemon GO appears to point to BlueTooth pairing for the device at this point. Connectivity is maintained and monitored, and events are fired when lost. Our guess is this device is intended to be used with the newer Low Energy Bluetooth, which is allegedly much less taxing on battery. Pokemon GO 0.21.1 version brought many small UI tweaks to the beta app (such as the ability to sort your Pokemon by Pokedex number, name, CP, or health).

One final point of interest is that the phrase Hack Sequence is used throughout the code, though we are unable to determine at this time the concrete application for it. It is possible that there will be a sequence you click the sole button on the device in to perform different actions. In summary, the app is still squarely in a beta state. Any field tester will tell you that! There are bugs, glitches, and absent/missing mechanics. But this progress is very exciting and helps us get a better picture of what this game may look like at launch. It’s a great thing to have all these new mechanics in the hands of field testers so Niantic can continue to polish, change, and tweak more and more of the app. We may add information to this document over the coming day or two as more information is gathered anecdotally. For instance, we are already seeing evolutions gain much stronger CP than before, and spawns are showing stronger Pokemon generally for some field testers.

Pokemon Go Stop

Pokemon GO Stop Cooldowns
Pokestops now turn purple after use and gradually fade back to blue over roughly 5 minutes.

Pokemon Go Big Magikarp Medal
A new award has appeared in your player profile called Big Magikarp Caught. Nothing else is known about this award at this point other than the fact that it has a bronze, silver, and gold level as all awards/medals do. Perhaps it operates similar to ‘shiny’ Pokemon, though the APK code does not currently support this theory. Big Magikarp may be acquired through entirely different means.

Pokemon Go Store
The first look at the Pokemon GO Store has finally been unveiled. A button has been added to the bottom navigation that takes you to the Store, which operates very similarly to a Pokemon GO Mart.

In the store, you can purchase items with a new mechanic: Pokemon Go Coins. Gems (as had been previously identified in the Pokemon Go APK) are out. They’ve been almost entirely removed from the codebase. And coins are in! Coins help you purchase items and gear upgrades. The APK shows several new types of items, and several new items. Here is a handy chart of what has just appeared:

Pokemon Go Store

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Take note, Niantics Lab was able to make it works on random android and iphone users within Japan only. If you are not in Japan it will not work for sure other used VPN or virtual private network but still it was random.

If you want it to work even you are outside Japan, try using VPN and Fake GPS. Click here for more info on how to Do it.

Pokemon Go Android VPN Fake GPS Trick

Pokemon GO In-App Purchasing
There is currently no way to take real-world currency, but the APK shows large revisions in what had previously existed in past versions. Instead of tiers, bundles, and gem packs, placeholders now appear for purchasable items, coins, and upgrades.
It appears local currency prices will be shown on the aforementioned (e.g. USD in the US).
We feel it is unlikely this system will be fully actualized during the closed beta which will be wiping all data before launch, but the code seems very far along nonetheless.

Pokemon GO Coins
PokeCoins have been given to each player by the Professor figure.
The APK appears to point to PokeCoins ‘spawning’ similar to XM in Ingress. It does not appear clear whether this is a map-based collection on the ground, or at Pokestops, or whether it is a time-based spawn. What is clear, though, is that there is a daily bonus of coins to be had above and beyond standard coin allotments. Our best guess is that these are for opening the app each day.

Pokemon GO Battle Tweaks
In an interesting development, rather than having 2 ‘stamina’ bars in combat, some Pokemon now have multiple additional stamina bars. This enables them to perform their special/charge move many more times without having to stop and rely on quick-attacks only while recharging. The number of charge moves a Pokemon can perform consecutively are shown on their details screen as well as under their HP bar in combat. (In essence, this can be viewed as “replenishing PP”.

Pokemon GO Plus Bracelet
We have found our first evidence of the Pokemon GO+ device in the APK! There have been no reports of seeing the actual physical device in either field test region at the time of posting. But there is undeniable evidence that the GO+ is still a greenlight and intended for use.

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