MyauSim Apk (updated v 1.3.0)  Mod 2018

MyauSim Apk (updated v 1.3.0) Mod 2018

MyauSim Apk – The game runs in real time. Help the poor kitten to survive at home. Our goal is to care for, play with them, feed , buy him different toys, pet food, etc. At the beginning of the game we choose a kitten, we want to include gender and color, and then start itself an adventure .


MewSim Pet Cat 1

MewSim Pet Cat 2

MewSim Pet Cat 3


This MyauSim Apk (updated v 1.3.0) kitten is constantly restless, something chudit, is not sitting still, if we accidentally missed the time of feedings , he will be able to open the fridge and steal from his sausage. Can describe the apartment and sit with a nice little face, as if it were not for him. Warning, do not forget to feed and play with him constantly.

Hi, MyauSim Apk (updated v 1.3.0)  Mod I’m a MewSim cat and I’m looking for someone to give me a name and cater to my every whim. That means keeping me fed with tasty treats, buying me a stereo or a radio-controlled helicopter, brushing my fur, keeping the fleas away and generally making sure I’m always happy.

I think you’ll like my apartment. It’s a bit boring and dull right now, but if you look after me well enough I’ll let redecorate it to your taste. I’ve got two absorbing mini-games so we can have tons of fun!

My friends tell me that I’m artistic and reckless by nature, and I think they’re right. I love to make funny faces and do crazy things! I’m full of surprises, as you’ll see if I decide to adopt you as my owner.


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