Modern Combat 5 Apk – Android Games 2018

Modern Combat 5 Apk – Android Games 2018

Modern Combat 5 Apk is free to download from our website.Welcome fellow warrior to our website.If you have enough patience to read this article you will learn how to unlock special skills and weapons for free, be patient and you will learn how to become the ultimate Modern Combat warrior.

The game was released on June 6 2013.It was the most expected Android apk of the year.The first glimpse was revealed via the Apks Youtube channel with a beautifull trailer.You can find the trailer here: Modern Combat 5 Apk Trailer

modern combat 5 apk classes

You start the game with chosing a soldier class.Your soldier class is the first important thing you have to do, it cant be changed later on the game so you will have to choose carefully.Additional support classes are availible later in the game.

Soldier classes can be choosen from Assault class to Sniper class.Each class comes with a different set of skills.No matter what you choose if you are good you can be the best with the class you choose.

There is a huge choice of weapons that can be choosen to progress through the game.You can unlock some weapons by getting specific kills with or by purchasing special packs availible.These packs can be purchased with real life money, or you ca get them by downloading our modded version of Modern Combat 5 for free.

The games in-game graphics will leave speechless.It is a beautifull combination of enhanced shadow systems and the newly built SSAO.

The game is compatible with a huge variety of platforms, platforms like: Android,iPad,iPhone and many, many more..

modern combat 5 apk pack

Like every other game Modern Combat 5 offers in app purchases like Diamond Dust.Diamon Dust is the special currency that will get you special weapons and skills.

Buying Diamond Dust is a bit frustrating because you have to pay for with real life money.No more paying, with Moder Combat 5 apk you can get unlimited Diamond Dust and special skills for free.Modern Combat 5 apk has many other special features that will be listed below.

Features of Modern Combat 5 Apk:

-Unlimited Diamond Dust

-Unlimited ammo


You can download Modern Combat 5 apk from here:

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