Jelly Jump Apk (updated v 1.4) (Mod Jelly) 2018

Jelly Jump Apk (updated v 1.4) (Mod Jelly) 2018

Jelly Jump Apk – Little jellies need you more than ever before! They keep drowning over and over again. Only you can keep them safe…
Jump higher, survive longer and never give up!

Collect little jelly blobs and craft new jellies out of them. Challenge your friends in this ambitious game!

Jelly Jump 1

Jelly Jump 2

Jelly Jump 3


The Jelly Jump Apk (updated v 1.4) (Mod Jelly) – In this amusing toy zheleyki poor need our help. They constantly sink and drown. And how can we help them? Out there with this situation! It is necessary to jump and jump not constantly stopping , our goal is only to jump up constantly, but it’s pretty is not easy, since the beams all move at different speed. And they are moving not all the same course! Gather the more droplets can be, to create a fresh zheleyki and jump much higher. Also we will be able to the results to share with druzhbanov, and compete with them to find out who still can abruptly jump!