Clashfarmer 1.8.15 [Updated] Premium – New Clashbot 2018

Clashfarmer 1.8.15 [Updated] Premium – New Clashbot 2018

Clashfarmer Apk is a great replacement for the Clashbot application when it comes to automatic looting and farming on the game clash of clans, clashfarmer is a free tool with anti ban features that you will surely love. Clashfarmer for PC is now available while on Android it will come soon, the apk version will be sooner or later available on this site. Clash Farmer is the only Clash of Clans bot that was designed with Anti-ban technology, thus making it the most useful bot available for this popular mobile game. While other bots and hacks will likely get players banned, this particular hack will keep its users safe. Not only that, but it is also the simplest bot to install and use, meaning that players do not have to go through any technical steps, anyone can just download, install and play.

New Features:

  • Auto-wall upgrade
  • Donations by text.
  • Auto barracks boost
  • More detailed attack log file, for advanced statistics. Including option to download to Excel CSV file.
  • Pop up sound notification when the bot finds a right base to attack
  • Option to keep you logged in 24/7, without attacking
  • Quit the raid, when the attack is finished or/and after getting 1 star. – Added in 1.8.10 (Anti-ban version)
  • Adding spells.
  • TH Snipping option.
  • Milking Farming option.
  • Option to deploy troops near elixir collectors OR gold collectors.
  • Push-bullet functionality
  • Separate settings for dead and live bases.
  • Option to clear obstacles, rearm traps/ inferno/ x-bows, collect loot cart
  • Support Blues-tacks 2
  • Auto zap DE drill.
  • Option for a scheduled break after X time.
  • Option to stop the bot when Gold and Elixir are full.”Auto-Stop” module, to stop the bot X time or when your Gold and Elixir are full.

Download Clash Farmer Latest Version

Complete Tutorial on how to use Clashfarmer using emulator for PC called MEmu