Clash of Clans Mod Apk Updated Free Gems 2018

Clash of Clans Mod Apk Updated Free Gems 2018

Clash of Clan Auto Bot Android for version v7.200.19is the modded version of the world famous strategy game: Clash of Clans.Now then, let’s talk a little about the game.Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game with amazing graphics and stunning gameplay. Clash of Clans is played by people of many ages, from kids to elderly people as well. It is so popular that it is available almost on every platform, platforms like:Android, iPad, iPad and iPhone.A very addicting game because of its simplicity and extraordinary features.The game itself is a combination of beautiful graphics and cool game play elements.

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You start your game with a single building, your Headquarters.It is the most important building from village.Headquarters is required to build other buildings, buildings from wich you can recruit troops or buildings that generate resources.The main resources are gold, elixirs and gems.Each buildings design is unique and every upgrade level of the building design is unique to.The more you upgrade your buildings in your village the beautiful and imposing will they look.As you build more buildings in your village the more troops and resources you will get, expandind is a necessary thing in Clash of Clans, if you don’t expand your village will be attacked more often by enemy players.

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In order defend and attack other Clashers villages you must build your own troops.Each and every troop has its own building from where you recruit them.Your troops are up from humans and monster alike, humans like the Barbarian and Archer and monsters like the Lava Hound and Dragon.Each troop has its own unique design.Eventually you will have to upgrade your troops if you want to conquer stronger villages and get a higher amount of loot.Each troop upgrade is made from a troop-specific dwelling.You can read more about troop tiers and upgrading guides from here: Clash of Clans Wikipedia

If you prove to be a strong Clasher, Clash of Clans offers the possibility to lead your own Clan.Clans are a group of Clashers that pool their trophies in order to compete with other Clans in a huge battle, in order to win a Clan War and claim huge amounts of resources.

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Like every other game, Clash of Clans has in-game currency to.The in-game currency in Clash of Clans are gems.These gems can help you to build and upgrade troops faster, build dwellings faster and purchase spells that are normally not availible. Gems can be earned in a small amount for completing in-game task, this is the easiest way for people who don’t have money to spend on gems.Another way would the Clash of Clans Mod Apk. Clash of Clans Mod Apk was build by a Team of modders who got sick of spending huge amounts of cash on in-game currency, so they came up with this clever idea.

Clash of Clans Mod APK Features:

-unlimited gems, gold and elixirs

-instant troop building and upgrading

-instant dwelling building and upgrading

-totally free

Check out this link below for Clash of Clans Mod Apk Download:

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