BuriedTown Mod Apk v1.1.11 Apk MOD – Android Games 2018

BuriedTown Mod Apk v1.1.11 Apk MOD – Android Games 2018

BuriedTown Mod Apk

Free download BuriedTown Mod Apk 1.1.11 Free Shopping latest version update. BuriedTown is an adventure game. The game created by Locojoy.

The adventure starts in a small town. When you disembark from a wrecked canoe, you find there are zombies everywhere. You completely lose touch with the outside world and there are no traces of civilization nearby. How long can you survive?
Danger is always lurking nearby and you will need all of your courage and wits to survive. Getting lost in a remote corner of town. Looking for other survivors using an old radio. Enjoying a rare moment’s respite with music. Experiencing life surviving on a knife’s edge. Scenes you may have never imagined occur seemingly every day in this world.

BuriedTown Apk Mod DownloadBuriedTown Apk Mod
Download BuriedTown Mod ApkMod Apk BuriedTown
Features of BuriedTown Apk
+ More info play store
+ Build shelters
+ Gather supplies
+ Immersive music
+ Smooth gaming experience
+ Work together & trade with NPCs
+ Easy to understand graphics & texts
+ Challenge the most terrifying nightmares
+ Use the “Old Radio” to communicate with other players

Info game mod BuriedTown apk
+ Free shopping

Details game BuriedTown apk mod
Version v1.1.11
Total file size 26,6 MB
Category adventure games
Requires Android version 2.3 or higher

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