Pokémon Go Apk –  What is the update of Pokémon Go Apk  and why has enraged many fans
When Pokémon Go Apk  Plus million Go players were getting used, he came the change to put them, in some cases, head app.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go;

Photos by: Pokemon Go USA Players
The Pokémon Go Apk first of the major updates augmented reality game that has become a social phenomenon has been received largely negative: confusion and anger are two feelings that are associated in specialized blogs entries and simple user tweets.

“Thanks Pokémon Go Apk to erase everything that had advanced. I spent the level 14 to level 2 and lost all my Pokémon Go Apk . I want to. Kill me,” wrote a user on Twitter.
“The update of Pokémon Go Apk reset my progress and put me in level 1. A small part of me died , ” noted another.But some experts soon came to the rescue.
With the update, the game uses the default features that are operating in your browser. If it turns out to be different from what you’ve been using to catch Pokémon Go Apk , you are, in effect, creating a new game.
So the solution is to get out of the game and return to “log in”. With the right direction.
So the game came with a form of “savings”, while not completely solve the problem, served as a palliative.
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