Pokémon Go Apk  – As it was promised to the players this application is exactly what was expected to be, turning us into true Masters Pokémon Go waiting to capture any of the creatures that we can find in the suburbs. But where to find them ? That’s the question, judging by the catch below will show, perhaps show that this game has a little less than “charm” than expected.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go

Photos by: Pokemon Go USA Players


Of all the places or sites where we could find Pokémon Go Apk one of the most “exotic” appears to be nothing more and nothing less than the bathroom of many homes. Pokemon GO seems to have a curious fixation on this site and that have already reported many images of different types of Pokemon being near, in or on a toilet.

When you first start the game, you will see three starter Pokémon Go Apk spawn/appear in your area: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. You can pick one of these Pokémon to catch, and once you catch it, the other two Pokémon Go Apk will disappear. But finding your next Pokémon Go Apk isn’t quite so easy—you’ll need to venture outside to find more Pokémon. Pokémon tend to spawn in areas that are well-populated, like parks, tourist attractions, and shopping centers. You’ll also find different Pokémon in different areas—water-type Pokémon will only show up near bodies of water, for example, while grass-type Pokémon Go Apk can be found in parks

In the lower-right corner of your screen, you will see a small white bar with silhouettes of Pokémon that are close to your current location. Tap this bar to see all nearby Pokémon Go Apk. As of the July 30 update, the ability to track nearby Pokémon Go Apk has been disabled.

You can also find areas where Pokémon are more likely to spawn by looking at your map: Areas with leaves flying up in the air are more likely to spawn wild Pokémon Go Apk.


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