Pokemon Go Tips Apk  –  Pokemon Go right now, even those that have not touched the series in years. Capturing all the Pokemon Go Plus  you can is obviously a key part of that, but the ability to take on gyms and become gym leaders yourself helps a lot too, which we are going to tell you just how to do.

We’ve already told you about the PokeStop locations on the map, but there are also much larger icons on the map that you likely will see at some point soon in your journey, which are gyms.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go;


At this point, you can actually battle the Pokemon yourself to level up the prestige of that gym by winning, which can also be achieved by defeating other challengers. If you take over a gym, it will turn into one of the three color teams you can choose from with Yellow (Instinct), Mystic (Blue), and Valor (Red), which is what you need to watch out for.First of all, you must reach level 5 to do anything gym related, so that is your first goal. After you have reached level 5, get ready to take over a gym.If you happen to come across a grey gym with no other colors, this means it is essentially an undiscovered gym that no one has taken up at. If this is the case, you can place any of your Pokemon here, which won’t be returned to your team until they’re defeated by another.


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