The latest and most famous Android and ios game namely Pokemon GO Android will include Pokemon Go Centers which are one of the most important place in the game found in most towns and cities inside the Pokemon world; All major cities have a Pokemon Center while some Pokemon Centers can easily be found outside of towns forests, dungeons and caves. Pokemon Centers were built where many Pokemon Trainers gathered and look for something that can help their Pokemon, sometimes there are free items you can found on Pokemon Go Centers. If you need a resting place for accommodation Pokemon Go Center is the best spot to visit. Pokemon Centers always offers the most common service in the Pokemon Go world the healing of Pokemon for free of charge.

POkemon Go Center

In the Pokemon Go Generation 1 Android Game here are the things that you will see on each Pokemon Go Centers:

  • The Pokemon Go Map
  • Pokemon Center always consists of two counters on a single floor.
  • The left counter has a Pokemon Center Nurse that will heal the player’s Pokemon.
  • The right counter contains the Pokemon Go Cable Club, which allows players to link with each other.
  • Talking to the women at the desk will allow the player to enter the Cable Club.
  • Going to the right is the PC to deposit and withdraw Pokemon as well as your items.

Take a look at the old Pokemon Centers, hopefully on the Pokemon Go Android Game the Pokemon Centers are much more beautiful.

Pokemon Go Center

Pokemon Go Center in 3D Rendition

Pokemon Go Center

While waiting for the official release you can still play the latest Pokemon XD Game of Darkness for your android devices using Dolphin Emulator Apk


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