Lightsaber 3D camera joke – Always dreamed of a 3D sword that glows with connecting the camera? In phone? In the phone, you can enable or disable the laser sword! You have the opportunity to try out the sword, which shines as a joke! Raffle other, if you have a sword! Turn it on at night and it will glow! Involved in flash and a bright screen for a more realistic effect!
Play war homes without light or outdoors in the evening! Project the sword on the wall, or people with the camera, you can put things and do light anywhere!
Lightsaber from your phone is a joke to believe that you can only look at the screen from a connected camera! Game emulator application, the simulator was created for fun and draw on friends and loved ones!
Understanding! Our game is created just for fun, and does not bear any harm! Our application is a joke! The game is completely free. You can play it without the Internet!
We have created a game for you, help us make it even better, leave us feedback! Thank you!

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