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There are times where I get bored by just merely scanning on my social media accounts. That is why I am very happy that I can play online games through my favorite social media. With just a few clicks on my laptop, I am immediately brought to the best free online games that I have been usually playing. I can even enjoy it with friends and family, something that I find really great about gaming through social media. I and my friends would play several games with different kinds of story line and themes. All of us would also share whatever games we have tried. One of my friends also made a page about the best free online games including reviews and feedbacks about the games that we have tried. Through that, other people are given the chance to know more about their prospect games.

One of the games that I have become so fond of is poker. I am a poker fanatic and when I found out that facebook also has a facebook game app, I immediately tried it and I was really happy with it. I only use facebook poker chips to play the game even if I don’t have cash. Since facebook poker games are for free, it makes the experience even better. You can send and receive facebook poker chips from your friends and families who are on your friend’s list. When I started to play online games through facebook, I have started to receive more and more notifications about people asking for facebook poker chips.

Apart from that, I also play cartel pokerfrom another source. The game’s interface is also good and the graphics and clearer and brighter. With it vivid design and smooth play, I can get that same feeling that I have when I am playing poker on a real table. I play cartel poker when I am at home or even if I am away. For as long as I have a reliable internet connection, I can absolutely enjoy the game limitless. I also love the fact that they have made cartel  to everyone who want to play poker even if there is no cash involved and without the hassles of going to a specific location or casino just to play it.

Today, I don’t just open my facebook account to post statuses, photos or videos. I don’t even do that just to share certain pages or like some other’s rants on their wall posts. I open up my social media account to play games and have fun even just for small periods of my free time. It has become a therapy for me as it provides me peace of mind and enjoyment, all at the same time. I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who are painstakingly making entertainment through online games available to all. I just hope that they continue to create and bring about fresher types of games to fill up the time of avid facebook gamers such as myself.


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