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In this modern generation, more and more things are becoming popular. One of the product of technology that reaches fame is the flappy bird, a mobile game that was introduced to the public for entertainment. This game have really a great impact to most of community of the web. It was once considered as well played and most downloaded game. Its success can be proven by the different latest version that are out in the market just like the flappy bird free play.

A version which is played by most through personal computers or laptops. Flappy bird free play become also popular for most online gamers because it is offered freely which only requires internet connection. Yes, unlike the old flappy bird that is intended only for mobile apps, this flappy bird free play can now be enjoy by anyone through different websites online. But what does flappy bird really talks about? Taking into consideration of the historical background, the person behind this sensational game is a Vietnam – based Dong Nguyen. The game was published by Gear Studious, an independent game developer which is also located in Vietnam. It was exactly released to public on May 24, 2013 and become famous last January 2014. Through the help of pop – up advertisement, the gross went up to $50,000 each day. However, the sad thing here is that, it was removed to the market because according to its creator, it affects his “simple life” and that the negative effect to the gamers. In fact, playing flappy bird is actually addicting. This is because the players are being challenge by the difficulty of having a high score despite of its simple mechanics.

Moreover, in spite of the fact that this game is loved by most, it is hated by critics. Did you know that Metacritic gave it a score of 54 out of 100? This is because the game is too simple and a very frustrating to play for most leading anger towards it. But this did not change the truth that flappy bird is a triumph story in the world of modern electronic games. For those who misses this game, you have can have flappy flight online. A similar game which is offered in the website and played online. The interesting fact here in flappy flight online is that it was created to reach out to those who are avid fans of flappy bird and to those who has not experienced the latter yet.

It has the same simple mechanics where you are ask to let the bird continue to fly without hitting either the ground or the obstacles through clicking the mouse of your pc or laptop. Moreover, flappy flight online serves as an alternate to continue your moment of fun and excitement. Aside from that, you can also download clumsy bird which is considered as a clone of flappy bird. One of the best option for people craving for flappy bird. Yes, don’t worry since there are different websites where you can download clumsy bird fast and easy. Since most web community are not yet over with the flappy bird, game developers are securing wide range of sites for more choices. However, if you really like the best result of this latest version consider only the trusted sites. Take note, you don’t want to have risk of viruses when you download clumsy bird. Therefore, be cautious and knowledgeable whom websites you will trust.


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