Playing  online is the most trending activity that has been enjoying  since online games were introduced to the world. Every social networking site especially  facebook has the biggest numbers of online games available. Almost every month or even days  there is always new games that surely gamers will like. To name a few, facebook  poker is one of the most well-liked online game by most adult gamers in facebook.  Beyond so much expectations, facebook poker has reached the highest praise from the poker addicts. they’re having so much fun playing poker while experiencing the real one. Using  virtual money is the most important thing in playing poker. Gamers virtually dealing with their opponents online. Unlike the real one, you know exactly whom you’re dealing with. But wait notall facebook users can play poker. Only adults can. Using your facebook account, you can invite friends to play with you. This is a realistic game since you’re experiencing like you’re in the gambling world. It should 9 nine players to complete the deal. The dealer takes care of all the chips and release it to the winning bettor afterwards. To earn more bonuses, gamers should purchase poker chips for them to continue the game. Facebook poker chips are available online. Bonuses and extra chips are available once you beat your opponents. Pokerhas  gone a long way, for it invades the  gambling world online.  Poker addicts also organizing some online tournaments for more exciting and fun game.    It is like you’re playing in a real money table. There are some links and sites that helps and guide beginners how to play it well and develop more skills. Facebook poker chips should be bought to deal and continue the game using virtual money. Yes we are talking virtual here. Everything is virtual since the gamers haven’t seen each other but enjoying each other’s company. There is another type of poker game in facebook, App data and  app center. These are some platforms that Cartel Poker is available. It  is the newest  poker in facebook. It has a high definition graphics ,easy and quick to play and offers more chips  and more  bonuses giveaways than any other poker games.Like any other poker this can also be downloaded from suggested platforms . But facebook  gamers  have the biggest advantage to have it. This cartel poker is already available in facebook and ready to play .still, gamers should invite more gamers to enjoy the game. This is also considered gamble because of virtual money involve and this can’t be played by minors.  This free app has 50,000 players so far. Every achievements, high scores, bonuses you got  and other activities you did can also be shared on your facebook timeline. If gamers star playing cartel poker or any other facebook online games , gamers agree to every games’ terms of service  and privacy policies. This includes that gamer must be of legal age before playing .every games should not be taken seriously and be responsible . remember, everything must be in moderation.


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