Horizon Event – an excellent space 2D action / RPG. Take command of the squadron, and go explore the galaxy. Fight with the aggressive-minded aliens, perform scientific research, capture resources, trade, build new vessels and in-depth modernization of already standing on the balance sheet. You are waiting for thousands and thousands of star systems, fierce battles and unexpected encounters.

 Join the hottest gamers community of Gliders are trapped in the center of an ever-changing deadly maze. Run for your life while dodging falling boulders, fiery pits, and gushing aqueducts! Collect clues to unlock the Maze and complete new levels. Choose your runner for speed and stamina, and race the clock to escape before the Maze seals shut!Enter the world of The Maze Runner, the new film based on the best-selling novel!


  • Intuitive touch and tilt controls to RUN, JUMP, and SLIDE to safety!
  • PLAY as your favorite runner from the The Maze Runner film!
  • EXPLORE the Maze, COLLECT hidden clues, and unlock new LEVELS!
  • RACE the clock and get to safety before the Maze seals shut!
  • REWARDS and Daily Gifts for loyal fans!

Event Horizon v0.8.6 Apk Mod (Money Mod) -1 Event Horizon v0.8.6 Apk Mod (Money Mod) -2 Event Horizon v0.8.6 Apk Mod (Money Mod) -3 Event Horizon v0.8.6 Apk Mod (Money Mod) -4

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-Horizon-Event v0-8-6-Mod [44.45 Mb]

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