Clash of Clans v8.212.3 – Semi Auto Bot for Android Phones

To all Clashers, this must be a good news!!!

Now you can auto farm, loots and attack with these simple techniques: & Symbianize presents Clash of Clans Apk Download 8.212.3 Apk New Update – Semi Auto Bot for Android Phones using DUMMY SPRITE v3.4 & HIRO MACRO v2.0.1
We found a way to make automatic TRAIN AND LOOT using DUMMY SPRITE.

Dummy Sprite alone is free, but the only problem is IT IS NOT FREE,
So we have made this trick to make use of it as an autobot tool with HIRO MICRO v2.01



Coc autobot for android





Optional if HIROMACRO does now work on your Android Smart Phone try to use FREP FINGER REPLAYER 3.8 Patched which is much more stable for any kinds of Android Smart Fones



*dummy sprite only works for 30 mins straight
*dummy sprite only allow you to register twice a day
*you can register multiple times if you clear the data of dummy sprite in app setting
*you have to learn how to use FREP FINGER PLAYER or HIROMACRO in you own way, don’t worry once you installed it it will be easy for you to drive i
*FREP finger replayer is more like a programing tool rather than a touch recording so if i said the word “program” i meant it to be “recorded” or something synonyms
*difficulty of doing this trick requires a lot of patient and time(for understanding my poor instruction)

GENERAL IDEA TO PROLONG THAT 30 mins to 5 to 6 hr.

*register and clear every 30 mins
*you want your phone to register it for you

Here are some steps that could guide you::

assuming that you already has both program and the know how to use it:

STEP 1) Make FREP finger player exit the app—>command is terminate or kill app.

STEP 2) make a way to clear the data of dummy sprite—> there 2 way to do that:

Option 1: If you are familiar with your widget there is a setting widget that will directly put you to the target location,
downside is every time you want to start your bot, you have to manualy guide it first.
if you have that widget:

1)select apps
2)select dummy sprite

Option 2: Make the long cut,make a recording clearing the data from start menu, dragging down the screen and pressing the setting button
going to apps and selecting dummy sprite and clearing data,(kinda a lot of work),can lead to a inconsistent result but no need to set up on

STEP 3) RUN DUMMY SPRITEthis part will kinda hard to explain ill just put the general idea on last part if you still having trouble)

NOTES: before making a program or every time you start the bot:register first and you have something copied in clipboard
*make the initial username to be 6 letter max ex “dumber”
*make sure the save password was CHECKED:this is very important
*use the command “IMAGE”,on every steps,or every time the screen changes,make a lot of SCREEN SHOT:

  • Make a program pressing the profile bottom at top.
  • Make a program long pressing your username ,we want to copy it
  • Still programming,once the copy bottom appear press it an continue recording
    program it to press the “register”
  • Make a recording or program pasting it on username in here the word “dumber”should appear on the box
  • Make a recording adding a number “1” or any number on user name it should be “dumber1”
  • Make a recording or program pressing the box for password.,continue typing the password(you still need to program it dont use the command for typing text its not working for me so i type it manually)
  • Program it to press register
  • If you have checked the remember me checked box ,you should see your previews account with password already provided
  • In this case you will see the word “dumber” to change it to your new account
  • Program it to a add number on the username, in this case same number “1” will be used it should be “dumber1” by now
  • Press log in
  1. Supprise it ready to be start again!!
  2. Make a program pressing “run”
  3. Once COC is running , make a programing that will press “start” when it appear


Use the command “WAIT” 1820 sec,

  • Adjust it sometime when dummy sprite update the trial to changes
  • Change the condition “on success” and select the green arrow going to number “1”
  • To continually cycle the process or in option select the number of repetition.

CONCEPT:IF INSTRUCTION WHERE REALLY THAT CLEAR ENOUGH(yeah as i said this technique will either be easy for you or you can make it ponder to make it much easier)

  • You should find a way to clear the dummy sprite data so you can register multiple times
  • Make a dummy account and and a number on the last digit every time you register ,it easier to make a program having a good loop.

*USE A LOT OF “IMAGE” what it does? The phone will search if that image is present in the screen if not it will wait if yes it will proceed to next step
*set the image percentage to 80% – do not use exact!it will fail most of the time..


Credits to Lonewolf my Friend & Symbianize

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