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To all Clashers, this must be a good news!!! The Latest game of Super Cell is now released the Clash Royale Apk Game for Android


Clashbot 7.14 VIP Crack CoC Bot Android for Clash of Clans v8.116.2 UPDATE! DOWNLOAD NOW!!! 

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HERE’S THE BEST CONFIGURATIONS FOR Town Hall 6, 7, 8 , 9 and 10

ClashBot Settings TH 679810

AFTER DOWNLOADING, YOU JUST NEED TO CLICK the ClashBot_crack File to Activate the VIP Features and use it.



You will need BLUE STACK to use the BOT


password: yamish23

To those that encounters .NET FRAMEWORK Error-Download HERE


Credits to Clashbot & Symbianizeclashbot & BukoKING

ClashBot 7.14 FULL RELEASE:

  • Fixed bot attacking incorrectly
  • Fixed auto-wall upgrading amount

ClashBot 7.14 FULL RELEASE:


  • Added Hours of operation to Misc Tab
  • New Miner Troop
  • New Skeleton Spell
  • New Clone Spell
  • Added Return home every x bases to Misc Tab
  • Added Preferred resolution for when you exit the bot to Misc tab
  • Added option to keep x builders free to Buildings/Upgrades tab
  • Custom check for clan donation request timeout on Clan tab
  • Better TH7 and TH8 and TH9 town hall detection
  • Bot ends battle faster after earning a star when Trophy Pushing
  • Trophy Push mode now only displays relevant information (not resources) in log
  • Troop training button is only held in until barracks is full
  • Added definitions for Hidden Tesla
  • Improved wall definitions
  • Remove debug view of upgrade button
  • Double check wall level/price before performing upgrade (thanks to TheM3ch@nic)
  • Bot only waits 5 seconds for match now
  • Reading number improvements (should help building upgrades)
  • Improved town hall definitions (less false positives, better left/right performance)
  • When trophy push is active, heroes are always activated just before ending battle to regain health
  • Donation improved so bot doesn’t miss donate buttons
  • Do not check for defense levels if base doesn’t meet loot requirements
  • Version number system changed; should now display correctly in title bar and log
  • Fixed exception during barracks training phase
  • Fixed clicking on certain wall pieces
  • Fixed bug where game would get itself stuck in Matchmaking (thanks dirtydog)
  • Fixed minor bug that could cause bot to get hung up at Matchmaking screen
  • Fixed potential bug when zooming out
  • Fixed infinite tries on donate button when conditions aren’t met (thanks to Itz_FrOs)
  • Fixed game hook timing issue
  • Fixed detection of ‘Please rate our app’
  • Fixed detection of dark barracks
  • Fixed town hall detection on the left and right side of the screen
  • Fixed bug where Hours of Operation would stop bot even when it wasn’t checked
  • Training units should never spend gems now

ClashBot FULL RELEASE Features VIPs Get:

  • Custom Building Upgrades
  • Wall Upgrading
  • Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen Altar Boost
  • Avoid Strong Bases To Increase Loot Per Hour
  • Trophy Pushing
  • Trophy Dropping
  • Troop Requesting
  • Smart Troop Donating
  • Force Attack
  • Re-Arming Traps/Xbow/Inferno
  • Automatic Chat Messages (Advertising in Global)
  • Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
  • Custom kick-out wait time
  • Reduce BlueStacks usage and speed up your computer
  • Push-bullet Mobile Notifications
  • Save Loot Images
  • Save Attack Analysis Images
  • Notifications upon finding a base
  • Auto-Update Check

Attack On Titan 3D Offline Full(Attack To Conquer) – Android Games

Attack On Titan Android Game 3D Offline Full(Attack To Conquer)
Jp Kamatsu Brings you the Ultimate Attack on Titan Game Behind from Attack on Titan Battlefield Online And Attack on Girl
Attack To Conquer!.

•Battle And Wipe All The titans Jump,Maneuver And Slash
•Choose Characters
•Set Special Mission Using Internet Connection
•Finish The Story

A Game Based Along the story of Attack on Titan

Attack on titan 3D Game android Attack on titan 3D Game apk Attack on titan 3D Game

Download Attack On Titan 3D Offline Full(Attack To Conquer)

Part#1 AttackOnTitan3D.apk

Part#2 AttackOnTitan3D.apk

Part#3 AttackOnTitan3D.apk

Extract the 001 File Using Zarchiver Then Install apk


League of Stickman (Updated) Mod (Lots of money)

The League of Stickman Apk – we in this fun toy to an empty place from which no one has ever come back or when alive. Shadow world is full of many dangers. The enemies of the deadly waiting for us at each literally step. They come endless stream and soon he will be a big crowd. But there we have the sword of the faithful , which leaves behind a body of some pieces , and also a number of useful skills and abilities of all.



Download on Google Play

Download Original Version
League-of-the Stickman-full-.apk [69.01 Mb] 

Download Mod
League-of-Stickman-the Mod-.apk [63.24 Mb] 

Band Stars Updated – Unlimited Money Apk Mod + OBB Data – Android Games

Band Stars is a fun game that will let you take out the rockstar in you. This game lets the player manage their very own rockband to lead them on their road to rockstar fame. You can schedule tours around the globe, select new band members or fire old ones, choose which songs and instruments they play, and best of all you get to dress them up in their stage attire. A great game for those of you who have always dreamed of managing a rock band. A unique game with cute charming graphics.

Band Stars



Marvel Pinball v1.6 – Full Game Unlock Apk Mod + OBB Data – Android Games

It seems as though no matter how old-school pinball machines are, they are still fun as hell! And now you can enjoy your favorite Marvel Super Heroes in pinball form on Marvel Pinball. This game features many of the most popular heroes from the Marvel universe including Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and many more. The game plays just as though you were playing the real thing, not to mention the graphics make the experience that much more believable.

Marvel Pinball



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