Attack On Titan Android Game Tribute Offline MOD

Game that Inspired by Anime/Manga Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

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Download Attack On Titans 2015 – Tribute Game – Offline Mod

Attack on Titan Game Maneuver Manual:

[1,2,3] co-ordinate Green, Red and Black flares in order. Kind of like the anime’s rules i use Green instead to signal a re-group, ‘come here!’ or ‘follow’ command. Red to signal a titan, ‘help’ or ’emergency’ and Black to identify an abnormal, crawler, ‘immediate, major emergency’ or a very large, difficult gathering of titans.
Q & E can be used in conjunction or separately from each other, both keys fire off a hook from their respective sides, left hook for Q and E fires the right hook. Can be spammed separately to scale walls relatively fast or used at the same time such as SPACE-BAR to grapple onto a surface and reel in quickly. The cross-hairs in the HUD are used to fire either hook.

SPACEBAR as stated above, its use allows both hooks to be fired. The two arrows which rotate around the cross-hairs on the HUD allow the player to aim where both hooks shall land.

LCTRL is used to jump around 10-20m in the direction you are facing to ‘dodge’. As the avatar lands he/she will land facing the opposite direction than the direction faced initially, allowing for a quick back-climb to the neck or a safe dodge from a titan’s attack.

LSHIFT is used to jump about 5-10m into the air. Further input of LSHIFT or holding down allows the player to use their gas supply, gas can be used to greatly propel towards the direction initially moved towards and can be used to catapult from two surfaces into the air to observe the landscape or escape the attack of an abnormal or crawler, gas runs out in approximately 10 minutes if used non-stop. Can be refilled at a Supply Container, resupply is non-existent in City I. Use of gas renders the ‘reeling’ in of hooks slower and as such, should be used for movement or zooming towards the neck of a titan, aiming below the neck with hooks and then using gas allows for a better accurate slash at the nape.

F is used to lock-on. Barely ever used and very difficult to deploy in a successful kill if used properly it could make titan-kill easier, but nonetheless it allows the camera to lock onto a titan that it is aimed at.

P pauses the game. One paused a menu shows up allowing for the observation of controls, quality and mouse sensitivity to be altered and camera to be changed.

A/WS/D as usual allows for the movement of the avatar. rate of running is about 3-ish m/sec and can be sped up if avatar ‘SASHA’ is used. A/W/S/D can be used to control swing movement of the 3D Gear and the W Key allows for wall-running if a is crashed into, use of other keys allows the avatar to ‘dodge’ off of the wall.

BCKSPC / ESC backspace toggles full-screen mode while Esc exits it. Full-screen mode is essential if use of the ‘Original’ setting for camera options is chosen as it allows the cursor to stay inside the boundaries of the game and disallows the mouse to click onto links etc. outside of the game, which would exit your game.

LMOUSE BUTTON allows the player to slash from left to right.

RMOUSE BUTTON allows use of that particular character’s special ability.

MOUSEWHEEL allows players to hoot straight to the point of their hook’s placement from a pendulum maneuver, allowing players to ‘snap’ to the neck of a titan after circling the neck a few times.

ENTER allows for messages to be sent during multiplayer or in lobbies. If internet connection is unstable, the ENTER button sometimes won’t send messages even though they may be typed out. A fix for this that may/may not work for this is to use ENTER instead of Clicking to type in the box, and then proceed to send the message with ENTER again.

BOOSTING/Gas BURST – Remember that scene, when Levi was attacking the Female Titan and when he did that first roll through the arm, he stabbed her eye and the jumped up, reloaded blades and did that big launch of gas downwards? Well, it seems to have been implemented I THINK because it keeps happening to me and it pisses me off so much but now I know how to do it, if anyone else is experiencing the same problem i’m gonna post it here. To Gas Burst, simply rapidly press either A, W, S or D twice on one of the keys like “A A A A, W W W W” (It may require 2 – 4 presses to activate, I think mine is two) or press something like A D A D A D (again it’ll differ how many combinations needed) or A W D A W A or something. You will do a large jupm in midair (or medium-sized ground hump on the ground) but it will use up LARGE CHUNKS of gas, compared to normal gas usage, holding down shift uses up 1 pixel row every 5 – 10 seconds, using a Gas Burst straight up demolishes a row of pixels. I kept using a Gas Burst halfway through a can of Gas and it took me about 2 minutes to drain it on a Forest map on the side opposite of the Refill Station. Yeah, be careful.

– Horse Controls –
LMOUSE BUTTON – Makes the Horse jump, useful for messing around or jumping over obstacles e.g Baby Titan bodies
RMOUSE BUTTON – Same as the Left, allows you to jump. I doubt either button makes your jumps shorter/longer/higher/lower

A/W/S/D or ^/>/v/< – Controls horses movements. The horse follows the direction of the key, so treat the horse like that old-fashioned “Honda Car” game kids used to play. The horse will only follow the direction the camera is facing when moving forwards.

LSHIFT – Shift when you are on foot mounts your horse, your character will leap to the horse without any assistance from YOU so not press any directional keys to direct them, they’ll mount the horse just fine. While mounted, pressing Shift and holding down will slow the horse down, useful for slowing down to capture objectives so that you don’t rush past them.

LCTRL – The Control button launches the player forward briefly but immediately forward, useful to dodge a body slamming titan that happens to be killing your horse (Don’t worry horses don’t die)

Horses will automatically teleport, spawn or travel to you if you get too far/die. Because they consistently travel towards you, it is usually annoying when trying to soley hunt titans on foot when you try to LSHIFT + SPACEBAR/ E + Q when as soon as you hit Shift you jump to your horse. Horses are very fast, being able to outrun half of the Abnormal sizes except for giant and nearly being able to outrun half of the crawler sizes. Horses can be dismounted also by using E, Q or Spacebar.

*Take note it’s for Desktop Only. We will keep you posted when we got the Attack On Titans Game for Android 🙂

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