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Pokemon Go Bot is widely known these days because of it’s very efficient uses in catching pokemons in a very easy way, using this will give you advantage among other pokemon go players. But be cautious about the do’s and dont’s of this application, there are certain ways on how to avoid bans easily, read the important information on the following below.

Pokemon Go Bot


FAQ’s (read it, very important)

• Will I get banned if I continue to bot with Catch em until the newest release is fully launched?
You always run the risk of being banned by using bots. However, Catchem is a very humanized bot, and until now has avoided detection. When Pokemon Go 0.35 was cracked there was and still is, a lot of variables that we are not sure which flags an account for detection. This has and will most likely always be the case. If however, you are very worried, you can always stop now, it’s your decision.

• When will the newest Pokemon Go APK be available (including the newest feature POKEBUDDY)?
Last update took three days to reverse engineer to the point of bringing bots back online. I highly doubt that it will take much longer than that to reverse engineer the newest release, even with the amount of changes. Until then however, Catchem will be down until the newest release is Reverse Engineered and workable.

How to avoid bans on Pokemon Go:
Don’t farm too much EXP per DAY/HOUR. For Example 300k exp/Hour. Both of these bans have the potential of being lifted every hour. After ever hour, if your total pokemon / pokestops in the last 23 hours is below the ban threshold, you’ll be unbanned. If you surpass that threshold, you’ll be banned again.

Requirements for PC( For Android see post below):

Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio & Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 (Offline Installer)

How to use Pokemon Go Bot for PC (follow these easy steps):


Download Pokemon Go Bot

2nd: Map search box, you can now search for the desired location by it’s name
3rd: Poke Tooltip info changed, now display weight instead of base stamina! And proper Atk/Def, instead of base one .
4th: Transfer filters are into UI now
5th: Manual maintence sequence, click the button at player tab to start this sequence (bot will do it as soon as he became ready)

Now you’re done setting the app. Let’s start catching, follow the instructions below.

How to use Catch’EM

  1.  Run catchem.exe
  2. Add new bot
  3. Create profile name.
  4. Click the profile you created.
  5. Go to settings
  6. Put your info’s.
  7. Check your location, turn on locations.

Go to google maps then click your location and point it where are you now.

You will see on the link example:?www.google.com.ph/maps/@14.5897778,121.0023612,17.5z

Now copy the red link then go to the Pokemon Go bot, find for Latitude and longtitude.


Latitude: 14.5897778
Longtitude: 121.0023612
Altitude: 10

How to Use Mapzen for accurate altitude for Pokemon Go Bot

Sign in first on https://mapzen.com/developers/sign_in

1. Register
2. Elevation Service for altitude/Turn by Turn for Valhalla API key
3. New Key
4. Copy Key
5. Open Catch’EM
6. Paste to mapzen api key.

How to get Google API KEY for Pokemon Go Bot

Get Google Directions API on

1.Go to the Google API Console.
2. Click create project. Name it. Enable it
3. Google Maps API >> Google Maps Directions API
4. Select ENABLE. When the process finishes, Google Maps Directions API appears in the list of APIs on the Dashboard.
5. Go to credentials
6. Click API KEY
7. Server Key
8. Create
9. Copy API KEY
10. Routing service (catchem gui)
11. Google Directions API
12. Paste API KEY sa Google Directions API KEY

Use Pokemon Go Sniper in catching Pokemon

Sniping has been patched and will get you banned. This is due to Niantic recording where each pokemon is caught and are now banning people who are/have sniped.

POKENSIPER 2 LATEST Version December 02, 2016

Download Pokemon Sniper 2 Latest Version 1.12

How to use POKENSIPER 2

1. Open rar/extract
2. user.xml edit with notepad
3. lagay login information. Edit nyo na lang mga gusto niyong eedit doon.
4. Save
5. Open Pokesniper2.exe(manual) or autosniper.

How to manual Snipe

1. Open Pokesniper2.exe
2. Type your desired pokemon and enter
3. Go to websites posted below or open pogolocation feeder gui
4. Type Latitude, Longtitude

Alternative App for Cathing Pokemon introduicng the Latest PogoFeeder v0.1.10

Download Pogo Feeder Latest Version


1. Open rar/extract
2. PogoFeeder GUI
3. Settings
4. Hanapin ang folder kung saan nakalagay ang pokesniper2.exe
5. Open Pokesniper2.exe

Credtits to: wolfgangreddit

Off Road Hill Truck Madness (Updated v 1.2) Mod (Many coins / Open all the machines , locations and levels)

The Off Road Hill Truck Madness Apk – racing project in which gamers will compete for the first place driving different models big feet. Trails will run along the winding mountain roads. They are very broad, but calculated only on conventional cars, but for our monsters – a narrow path with steep cliffs. One wrong move and the player will fly away into the abyss. One must be careful not to become a victim of its own negligence or actions of the opponent.



Download on Google Play

Download Original Version
Off-Road-Truck-Madness-V1-2-full-.apk [75.15 Mb]

Download Mod
Off-Road-Truck-Madness-V1-2-mod-.apk [75.57 Mb]

Racing on Bike Free (Updated v 1.5) (Mod Money)

The Racing on Bike Free Apk – racing motorcycles on the winding trails , bridges, spirals and other man-made objects hanging in the air, and violating all the laws of physics. Gamers using the capabilities of the iron horse, and all your driving skills will have to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles in minimal time and with maximum entertainment. Beautiful graphics, various models of equipment and the modernization of its appeal to all fans of the genre.



Download on Google Play

Download Original Version
Racing-on-Bike-Free-full-V1-5-.apk [45.5 Mb] 

Download Mod
Racing-on-Bike-Free-full-V1-5-mod-.apk [45.5 Mb] 

Star Chef (Updated v 2.9.2) (Mod Money)

The Star Chef Apk – scale project in which gamers have turned into professional chefs and create from scratch one of the world’s best restaurants . To choose the look of the institution and to equip it to your perfect taste, buy modern equipment for the kitchen , presiding over an assembly of workers, prepare yourself, invent new dishes and include them in the menu. Do everything to the most demanding customers satisfied.



Download on Google Play

Download Original Version
Star Chef-v2.9.2-mod-.apk [89.9 Mb]

Royal Tales HD (Fable Kingdom HD) (Updated v 1.2.0) Mod (Free shopping)

The Royal Tales HD Apk – We need to build your kingdom, help the hero to take their love and reveal the secrets of the past, as well as to overcome evil, which they went down on the day of their wedding, overcoming all difficulties.In the game we will have two hundred and fifty unique tasks by doing what we go through storylines containing an unpredictable turn, dozens of magical tasks, 7 unique characters, which are waiting for our help, and do not forget us to repay a large map, which has hundreds of mysterious buildings, a mysterious stranger and ingenious charm hundred awards, items for collections and achievements! The game has excellent graph and great sound.



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Fairy-Kingdom-HD-v1.2.0-mod-of unlimited-gold-crystals_.apk [42.51 Mb] 

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